Managing For Performance


  • The three biggest challenges managers face are, continually motivating their staff, consistently enhancing good performance, and successfully managing situations of poor performance
  • Managers are most fearful of having difficult conversations regarding poor performance
  • Many organisations are convinced retention and growth of staff is fundamentally linked to money
  • Managers feel ill equipped to deal with problem staff
  • Instead of professionally tackling serious management issues, organisations often run away from, or try to hide, them
  • In general, organisations instinctively use 3 primary methods of motivation on an ongoing basis which actually do not work and can indeed cause serious damage

How Whitewater can help your organisation

  • Learn how to continually challenge and motivate great performance
  • Learn how there are 3 myths of motivation and why they don’t work
  • Discover what truly motivates individuals and how to create it
  • Learn the different types of team member and exactly how to manage and motivate them ongoing
  • Gain easy tools with which to prepare for and have performance discussions both in further challenging good performers and handling poor performers
  • Practice handling and addressing live issues


  • Confident managers, clear about what works as motivation, how to keep that going, and clarity as how to handle management challenges which sorely need to be addressed
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