Becoming a Management Expert


  • Managers create problems both for themselves and the HR Dept. by not fully understanding the repercussions of what they do and do not do
  • These repercussions can be very costly to an organisation, especially in a climate of “no win, no fee” litigations
  • HR are often seen as “blockers” not “Enablers” in an organisation due to their need to ensure things are done properly and legally
  • This creates animosity between line management and HR which is needless and so easily avoided

How Whitewater can help your organisation

  • Educate managers in the essentials of managing from a practical legal perspective
  • Take managers through a live case study which illustrates the basics of the above
  • Enlighten management as to the reasons WHY things need to be done in particular ways, to achieve specific goals
  • Gain a closer more positive relationship between line management and the HR Dept.
  • Relieve HR of a lot of work which could have been avoided by better management further up the line


  • Truly informed managers, knowing and accepting the reasons why specific management challenges need to be handled in particular ways, and seeing HR as a key ally in the business instead of an enemy
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