Culture and Values


  • Every organisation has a culture - "The way things are done around here"
  • Whether it is the one they would wish for is a different matter
  • Culture drives behaviour and it is essential to know how the culture you have may (or may not!) be gaining you the things you want, on an everyday basis
  • Values matter. They are the cornerstones of a business. It is not only "what" results are gained, but also "how" they are gained
  • Values can be measured
  • Having a strong culture and set of organisational values can create a powerful competitive advantage and make your organisation a place where talented people want to work

How Whitewater can help your organisation

  • Understand what your culture actually is right now by having a "culture audit" and create a vision for what you would like the culture to be ongoing
  • Uncover the values which are important to you and the organisation
  • Learn how to inculcate these values in your business and measure them on an ongoing basis to drive new behaviour and results
  • Learn how to put culture and values into recruitment, selection, management and leadership


  • The cultural change you want, driving the behaviour you want, running all the way through your organisation, to enhance results every day
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