Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding


  • Very often, organisations are unclear even as to the difference bewteen recruitment and selection
  • As a result, the net outcome is poorly run processes which do not serve the organisation in finding and selecting the right people
  • Even if the above has been done well, the experience of the individual joining the organisation can often be distinctly underwhelming, giving poor first impressions and little useful understanding of the business or the skills appropriate for their role
  • Ultimately this costs the organisation dearly. Wasted time for all concerned, longer time lags for individuals to begin making useful contributons to the business and higher staff turnover

How Whitewater can help your organisation

  • Gain help in understanding the essentials of great recruitment and selection
  • Implement a robust process for ensuring the right people are being sourced and chosen for your organisation
  • Devise a meaningful onboarding process which truly serves the new recruit, his/her manager, and the aims of the organsiation
  • Manage the transition from current processes to best practice, with a focus on cultural change and leadership


  • The right people, being sourced from the right places, selected in the best way, and brought on board in a motivational and practical fashion which truly serves organisational and individual need
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